Malaysian Blogger Lawsuit Quotes – Bloggers United

Malaysian Blogger Lawsuit Quotes

‘In general, writing in a blog does not give you immunity from being sued,’

-Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, a top lawyer and MP.

Bloggers Declare War on NST

‘There must be space on the blogosphere for free and fair comment, which is anathema in the mainstream media where important national issues and prominent personalities are concerned.’

‘This could be a litmus test for our digital media as they need to sort out conventional laws from our cyber laws.’
– DATUK RUHANIE AHMAD, a former senior Member of Parliament and blogger of eight months

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  1. I fully agree that “writing in a blog does not give us immunity from being sued”. If even civil law wouldn’t charge officially, God will question us.
    However, writing in a blog gifts me hope to meet with benefactor who will be interested in my works and will offer the hand of support in sharing my colors further. ..
    Please visit my blogs.

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