Insulting Quotes

Insulting Quotes

Humans only use about 1/10 of their brain power. With you, it could be less.


The pedestal is immobilizing and subtly insulting whether or not some women yet realize it. We must move up from the pedestal.

–Wilma Scott Heide

Please deprive me of your company.


It is not he who gives abuse that affronts, but the view that we take of it as insulting; so that when one provokes you it is your own opinion which is provoking.


Why do you get up in the morning?


I am a poor man, but I would gladly give ten shillings to find out who sent me the insulting Christmas card I received this morning.

–George Grossmith

You’re a man without any nice qualities, as far as I can tell.


I’m busy. Can I ignore you some other time?


I find a few people annoying, and you are all of them.


She has a toxic personality bordering on the radioactive.


Debating against him is no fun, say something insulting and he looks at you like a whipped dog.

–Harold Wilson

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3 Responses

  1. These are completly lame, none of them are even remotley insulting.

    im actually offended that you guys call that shit’s like baby talk. gawd.

  2. How’s this, then:

    “What we have here is an intellectual rust-bucket.- Paul Keating, on Andrew Peacock.

    “This Parliament is not interested in the views of painted, perfumed gigolos.” – PK, on AP.

    “His performance on Parliament is like being flogged with a warm lettuce.” – PK, on John Hewson.

    “He’s determined to wear it [the Liberal Party leadership] like a crown of thorns, and I’ll do everything I can to cricify him.” PK, on John Howard.

    “He’s all tip, and no iceberg.” PK, on Peter Costello.

    “I’m not running a seminar for dullards on the other side.” PK, on the Liberal Party of Australia (then the Opposition in Parliament).

    This one’s the best:
    “What we have got is a dead carcass, swinging in the breeze, but nobody will cut it down to replace him.” PK, on John Howard.

    Paul Keating (1944- ) was the Prime minister of Australia from 1991-1996, and his ability to crack his political opponents using invective was legendary.

  3. well, i have to agree with lisa….they are lame…

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