Facebook Application for WordPress.com Blogs

OMG – The application of the century has just been released.

 We know you were all waiting for it and now it is here.

For the ultimate in Facebook coolness, you can now add your wordpress.com blog to your Facebook profile.

josephscott just posted about this and I am running right over to facebook to give it a try.

To quote the author:

“WordPress.com blog post from each of your Facebook friends that have added the app. Posts you make within the app show up on your WordPress blog here, and vice versa.”

“Your friends can stay up to date with your recent posts and comments from your blog when you add it your Facebook profile. Doing that will show excerpts from the last five posts and five comments of your blog. These are updated each time a new post or comment is published to your blog.”

“Last, but certainly not least, posts to your blog will be added to your news and mini-feeds with direct links to your new post and blog. Those may also be shared with your friends depending on privacy settings that you grant the application. This has the potential to drive a ton of traffic to your blog posts from the people you care about most.”

This is just about the most awesome thing I have seen out of the wordpress.com team in like … forever … ya know?

This is genius level stuff.  Whether it is easy to do or not, actually doing it puts them on the top of my list for today, and perhaps a long time to come.

Add the WordPress.com Facebook App, share it with your friends, and let [them] know what you think. They will be pushing a revision based on our feedback within a week or two.


3 Responses

  1. I’ll immediately try that. Thanks…

  2. […] Facebook Application for WordPress.com Blogs […]

  3. Wonderful news. I have been using the Feedburner tool, Buzzboost, to do this on various sites but the Facebook tool is much easier to implement.

    The child in me was quite taken by the Harry Potter Spells plug- in too.

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