What I Learned From … The World of Sports

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What I Learned From… The World of Sports

I played soccer (that other kind of football) in High School and College and I learned many things about teamwork and fair play and following the rules but the most important thing I learned was learned too late and was much more physical than mental. 

Protect your knees and ankles.  You only get one natural pair.  Keep them strong and don’t do stupid things that can hurt them badly.

I have nearly constant knee and ankle pain to this day due to things I did back then.

About every five years I go into see my Doctor (General Practicioner) and he does x-rays, and things to look at how the knees are holding up.  Then he says “Well, it looks like they will last you about five more years before we have to replace them.”  He has been saying that for about thirty years.


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  1. Eek! You know, this is a really important thing we need to teach our young folks about – along with teamwork, safety, goal-setting, etc.

    You have to think of the long-term effects of whatever we choose to do. Think… tattoos!

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