Famous Quotes

Famous Quotes

In a way, the greatest praise of God is his denial by the atheist who thinks creation is so perfect it does not need a creator
– Marcel Proust

Funny Quotes


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  1. Famous Quotes:
    An even greater praise of God is that He came to earth and died for even the denying atheist.

  2. Famous Quotes:
    An even greater praise of God is that people unthinkingly believe in him despite the lack of evidence for his existence, and worship him despite the atrocities he has committed in the Bible and the atrocities committed in his name in the present.
    Oh wait… that’s actually pretty insulting.

  3. The #2 Comment, above, was not by AndresUSA.com
    It was from a coward who did not have the courage of his conviction and used my name.

  4. Um… I don’t know what the person in comment #3 is trying to pull, but I wrote the first two comments, and now this one.
    I believe, as does the God the quote is talking about, that the greatest coward is the one who manipulates the words of his enemy, as the impostor in comment #3 does.
    Unfortunately, as told by the great Prophet Muhammad (may peace be upon him), the coward will hide from the enemy, but not from the eyes of Allah. (5:73)

  5. Hum..interesting case of schizophrenia the four last comment..

  6. I can tell you one thing, #1 and #3 have the same icon which means they probably used the same e-mail adress.

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