Famous Quotations

Classic music is the kind that we keep thinking will turn into a tune
 – Kin Hubbard

We don’t often use the term famous quotations to describe what we do here but that is the more correct term.  This is because most people use famous quotes as their search term rather than Famous Quotations.  There is actually a quote about that from someone famous. 

…  here it is … that really took quite a bit of searching.

Please note that “quotes” is a verb and “quotations” is the noun.  
One quotes someone and in doing so makes a quotation.                                       
 – Susan T. Case 


4 Responses

  1. Prescriptive grammar is distasteful even when it is not antiquated. Thinking as Ms. Case does would lead us remorselessly back from Shakespeare to Chaucer to Beowulf to Indo-European to grunting.

  2. Since it took so much searching – methinks that perhaps she is not so famous as I thought.

    What do you think?

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