Famous Cinco de Mayo Quote

Cinco de Mayo Quotes

“True patriotism hates injustice in its own land more than anywhere else.” ~ Clarence Darrow

So on the fifth of May, when you see the flags and the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, understand that it is not just Mexico that is being celebrated. It is victory, democracy and a love of one’s heritage. Why not invite friends over for a Cinco De Mayo party and educate them as well?


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  1. Celebrating one’s heritage is a European practice that is about to bring Europe down.
    The USA is a melting pot for all nationalities and all are welcome.
    All of our ancestors came to America and blended in with the American way. This is why our country has been so great. But trying to hang on to one’s motherland’s heritage is divisive. Not everything got melted.
    I am from ancestors who came from England, Ireland and France. And I am proud of it. I have actually done much research into our family tree. But I don’t celebrate those countries, I celebrate July 4th, Labor Day and Christmas the way American’s do.
    The African American and the Mexican American have done this for years. And it is holding them back. The ones who try to hang on to their heritage have difficulty fitting in. Some complain that they feel left out. They are not melted in with the rest of us and we miss you.
    Let’s don’t celebrate what did not work and the reason for leaving the old country, but celebrate what does work and the reason why our ancestors came to the New World.
    I have friends from many nationalities and love them all. They bring great qualities, thought and their own love.
    I actually like Cinco de Mayo, because I like Mexican food and also Kolatches and Polish Sausage, etc. But let’s leave all the macho stuff in the melting pot and pitch in together to make our nation even greater.

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