To Quote or Not To Quote?

Joan Koerber-Walker today wrote a blog post with a title of  “To quote or not to quote – That is the question.” on the topic of twitter and authenticity in Social Media and how everyone has an opinion.  Joan had recently quoted Dr. Seuss and some other authors and one of her friends had said:  “NO RECYCLED QUOTES. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT.”  Joan reacted with a detailed analysis of why she used those quotations, how she got to where she is in social media and where she hopes to go in the future.

More from the blog post:

Here’s my lesson learned this weekend.  If authenticity is important,  then you just have to be who you are.  I am just what my personal profile says… an eclectic mix.  Not to say that I can’t learn to be better.  I’ll follow Tyler’s advice and perhaps use some more of my own quotes more frequently rather than quoting someone else.  Francine and Marty have encouraged me to write/blog more.  (Francine even told me that my writing has improved.  But that’s for you to decide.)  I’ll keep reading and sharing the articles, news stories, and bits that I think have value.  Sharing things of value with others is what I do everyday outside the twitterverse. I’ll chat more, broadcast less,  AND – I’ll try to mix it up a bit more so as not to be annoying.

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