Quotes – Famous Quotes – Thelly Reahm Quotes

Quotes – Famous Quotes – Thelly Reahm Quotes

My personality pushes me to learn more and more, and as I age I see the benefits. It keeps me sharp and alert and interested in a variety of things. It gives me places to go. It gives me new friends who have like interests. And learning the computer, the world wide web and HTML programming at a late age has certainly given me a new interest in life. I love Cyberspace!
– Thelly Reahm © Tidbits of Time – More Tidbits of Time – Book Larnin’


Quotes – Famous Quotes – Robert Scoble Quotes

Quotes – Famous Quotes – Robert Scoble Quotes

This sucker is just not ready.
– Robert Scoble Re:Windows Vista

Remember: no one will remember whether this thing slipped another few months IF it’s a good product when it comes out (remember Windows 2000? It slipped by years). But everyone will remember if this is a disaster (the community is still talking about Windows ME, which was a particularly horrible release).
– Robert Scoble

Quotes – Computer Quotes – Tim Berners-Lee

Quotes – Computer Quotes – Tim Berners-Lee

“I am the son of mathemeticians. My mother and father were part of the team that programmed the world’s first commercial stored-program computer, the Manchester University “Mark I,” which was sold by Ferranti, Ltd. in the early 1950s.  They were excited by the idea that, in principle, a person could program a computer to do most anything.”
– Tim Berners-Lee, “Weaving the Web”

“Ted Nelson, a professional visionary, wrote in 1965 of “Literary Machines,” computers that would enable people to write and publish in a new, nonlinear format, which he called hypertext.  Hypertext was “nonsequential” text, in which a reader was not constrained to read in any particular order, but could follow links and delve into the original document from a short quotation.  Ted described a futuristic project, Xanadu, in which all the world’s information could be published in hypertext.”
– Tim Berners-Lee, “Weaving the Web”

“I happened to come along with time, and the right interest and inclination, after hypertext and the Internet had come of age.  The task left to me was to marry them together.”
– Tim Berners-Lee, “Weaving the Web”