Jazz Quotes – Music Quotes – Quotes – Famous Quotes

Jazz Quotes – Music Quotes – Quotes – Famous Quotes

Jazz is not dead – it just smells funny.
– Frank Zappa

Jazz tickles your muscles, symphonies stretch your soul
– Paul Whiteman

If it has more than three chords, it’s jazz.
– Lou Reed

Jazz music is an intensified feeling of nonchalance.
– Francoise Sagan

The memory of things gone is important to a jazz musician. Things like old folks singing in the moonlight in the back yard on a hot night or something said long ago.”
– Louis Armstrong
Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.
– Ornette Coleman
Jazz came to America three hundred years ago in chains.
– Paul Whiteman

Though the Jazz Age continued, it became less and less of an affair of youth. The sequel was like a children’s party taken over by the elders.
– F. Scott Fitzgerald
A jazz musician is a juggler who uses harmonies instead of oranges.
– Benny Green


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—– Original Message —–

From: Philippe M

To: http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/LinkedinBloggers/

Sent: Wednesday, August 02, 2006 9:02 AM

Subject: [LinkedinBloggers] Re: Blog Boost Says “Goodbye”

A marketing blog, such as mine, has very little in common with a blog
about facials and spas. I don’t know what the best solution would be
or if there are other regular activities that could easily be done.


_,_._,___“Contrariwise,” … “if it was so, it might be; and if it were so, it would be; but as it isn’t, it ain’t. That’s logic.”
– Tweedledum – Through the Looking Glass, Lewis Carroll

I have a hard time understanding why people can’t understand the relationship between marketing and any other kind of business.

Every business, every topic, every endeavor, whether for fun or profit only happens if it gets marketed in some way.

There is a famous old saying which says “Nothing happens until somebody sells something.”  Without good marketing, very little will sell itself.

You can find that old saying in this book as well as many other places:  http://www.perceptionofdifference.com/

Wes Zimmerman taught me how to apply what I do to any business, any subject, any topic area and to add value to my surroundings whenever I can.

What is it about facials and spas which makes you think that it does not require marketing?  Was the marketing of that blog about facials and spas done exactly how it should have been done if that was one of your clients?

What is the use of a marketing blog which does not apply to real life?  Clients come from everywhere.  Clients who need marketing might be spas and facials, widget manufacturers, information brokers, real estate agents, pizza parlors, and management consultants.  Non-applied theories don’t do them any good.  If you can’t find something to say about marketing for any project presented, then you probably need to review the 27 questions which completely define a marketing plan.  Marketing and selling apply to every aspect of our lives.

The old saying “When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail” really should apply here.  When you are an expert in your field, you should constantly be looking at the world in terms of how what you know can improve or benefit whatever you see.  The way the blog boost was defined, it made people stretch their minds to come up with those relationships and concepts.

I worked for one company for 17 years of my career but I had 39 jobs and 46 managers in that time.  If I had decided that I ‘had little in common’ with “those manufacturing people” down the hall, or “those IT guys,” I would have been out looking for a job after the first three years.  Flexibility, adaptability, and versatility are more important than ever today.

If Blog Boost had been easy and everyone just did it, I would have been the first person here to have called it spamming.  It was not.

New, creative, worthwhile, meaningful, unique, content on a single topic per week is what it was supposed to be about and for the most part, it was.

A few marketing blogs linking to each other does very little good outside of the small inbred readership of those blogs.  It is the new blogs outside that marketing group providing outside links which creates a dynamic and growing community which finally begins to build itself and reaches a critical mass.  The same applies to every industry.

There is strength in diversity in blogging and linking, just as there is in workforce development.

Whatever new activity replaces the blog boost, we should keep these things in mind.

Here is an example of a post which a marketing blog might have made for last week’s target.


LinkedIn Bloggers Blog Boost target for this week was an interesting effort by Bill Austin entitled Quotes – Famous Quotes

In searching for quotes related to marketing, I found that he had a few quotes on advertising, https://quotes.wordpress.com/?s=advertising a few on selling https://quotes.wordpress.com/?s=selling but not one single quotation on marketing https://quotes.wordpress.com/?s=marketing 

As a result, I am going to suggest a few from my favorite marketing authors.

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. – Peter F. Drucker 1909-, American Management Consultant, Author

There are reasons some businesses are hugely successful, others “get by” and the less fortunate fail. From a marketing perspective it seems quite simple: You must know your customers and what it takes to make them happy.
– Bruce Johnson

There is more similarity in the marketing challenge of selling a precious painting by Degas and a frosted mug of root beer than you ever thought possible.
–  A. Alfred Taubman

I notice increasing reluctance on the part of marketing executives to use judgment; they are coming to rely too much on research, and they use it as a drunkard uses a lamp post, for support, rather than for illumination.
– David Ogilvy

Marketing is what you do when your product is no good.
– Edwin Land

No great marketing decisions have ever been made on quantitative data
– John Scully

Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.
– Milan Kundera – Czech Novelist, Playwright and Poet, b.1929


Thank you,

Bill Austin

Chief Technology Officer and Director of Internet Marketing

Arizona High Tech Talent Partnership  http://www.azhttp.com/


Quotes – Famous Quotes

Quotes – Famous Quotes

Blog Boost Status – Report on Blog Boost XXI

The target for this week was My Famous Quotes Blog Quotes – Famous Quotes

I put up a special post with a bit of history explaining how and why it came about called “Bill Austin Quotes

I was glad to see that some of the boosters found that item and made good use of it.

There was an increase in traffic due to the boost but it is difficult to quantify.

The percentage could easily be lost in normal daily changes because the site is ramping up in traffic rather quickly 

The numbers look like this:

Traffic in Page Views (GMT)

Monday July 24th       = 4,091
Tuesday July 25th      = 4,905
Wednesday July 26th = 4,912
Thursday July 27th     = 5,084
Friday July 28th         = 4,727

Page Views During the Prior Week:

Monday         = 2875
Tuesday        = 3064
Wednesday   = 3471
Thursday       = 4597
Friday           = 3478

* Technorati Rank increased nicely.

Prior to Blog Boost:
Technorati Rank: 144,068 (65 Sites from 23 blogs) or

After Blog Boost:
Technorati Rank: 92,784 (101 links from 34 blogs)

* On the official “Blog of the Day site for WordPress.com, http://botd.wordpress.com/ the site was around #11 or #12 Tuesday and only #27 by Friday.  This is mostly due to a couple of important news items which caused a huge increase in traffic to some wordpress.com blogs which wrote about those topics.

* Impact on Links and Site pages indexed by search engines. 

This was quite positive for all three search engines.

Prior to Blog Boost:
Google Links 17
Pages Included in Google Index via Site command: 537

After Blog Boost:
Google Links 17
Pages Included in Google Index via Site command: 600

Prior to Blog Boost:
Yahoo Links 65/1740  (listed/counted)
Pages Included in Yahoo Index via Site command: 32

After Blog Boost:
Yahoo Links 88/2710  (listed/counted)
Pages Included in Yahoo Index via Site command: 214

Prior to Blog Boost:
MSN Links 3814
Pages Included in MSN Index via Site command: 859

After Blog Boost:
MSN Links 4473
Pages Included in MSN Index via Site command: 1119

* Impact on search rankings – these are short term results and in the longer term this should change in a positive way.

MSN Search Engine Ranking Prior to Blog Boost:
#9 on MSN for quotes
#11 on MSN for famous quotes

MSN Search Engine Ranking After Blog Boost:
gone on MSN for quotes
gone on MSN for famous quotes

These may be due to filters which were triggered in the US only and they may fix this over time as they realize how silly it makes tthem look.  In Malaysia and India the site ranks #4 for Quotes on MSN and in South Africa it is #8.

Google Search Engine Ranking Before Blog Boost:#95 on Google for quotes
Google Search Engine Ranking After Blog Boost: #119 on Google for quotes

Google Search Engine Ranking Before Blog Boost:#16 on Google for famous quotes
Google Search Engine Ranking After Blog Boost: #18 on Google for famous quotes

* Truth Laid Bear (TLB) Ranking was 14571 and did not change
TLB Shows only one inbound link
TLB Shows only two outbound links
[Something is rotten in TLB]
* Nine members registered their blog boost this week.

Jennifer Irving at http://blog.execadminsolutions.com/archives/quotes-to-motivate-you
Anita Cohen-Williams at http://searchguru.wordpress.com/2006/07/26/useless-quotes/
Ariane Benefit at http://www.neatliving.net/blog/2006/07/the_happiness_p.html
Jessica Duquette at http://www.its-not-about-your-stuff.com/2006/07/george_berbard_.html
Des Walsh at http://www.thinkinghomebusiness.com/blog/_archives/2006/7/27/2167021.html
James Durbin at http://durbinmedia.com/brandstorming/2006/07/famous-quotes.asp
Jim Belshaw at http://belshaw.blogspot.com/2006/07/finding-right-quote-aside.html
Erin Banister at http://www.erinbanister.com/2006/07/27/george-w-bush-education-quote/
Susan Reynolds at http://susanreynolds.blogs.com/artist/2006/07/what_makes_a_bl.html

Thank you to all who participated.  There were some interesting comments and I will try to re-visit and comment on your posts as well.  We are living out of suitcases while the floors are torn up.

Thank you,

Bill Austin / Kathee Austin / Thelly Reahm

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