Snark – Seth Godin on Snark Vs. Earnest

Seth Godin on Snark Vs. Earnest

Snark is clever and funny and easy to spread. Snark protects us from confronting the truth of the situation, and snark is incredibly easy to do. Snark is fun, but it doesn’t look good on you.

– Seth Godin at Snark Vs. Earnest

Basically Seth is saying … { wait for it } …

Snarky is Malarkey

Seth Godin on The $8 Billion Gift Cards Story / Scam

Seth Godin Quotes

“Along the way, we bought the story that giving someone a hundred dollar bill as a gift (“go buy what you want”) is callous, insensitive, a crass shortcut. Buying them a $100 Best Buy card, on the other hand, is thoughtful. Even if they spend $92 and have to waste the rest.”
-Seth Godin

Gift cards are for chumps.
Seth Godin

A wakeup call about the Gift Card Industry and how much money goes to waste each year.

Seth provides a brilliant idea for non-profits to market alternative gift cards for when you give cash.

What I Learned from Seth Godin

Seth Godin on Misogyny and Fox News Porn

Seth Godin posted this morning about The end of misogyny? and had this to say:

“It’s sort of astonishing… in my lifetime, we’ve seen the end of public (but certainly not private) attacks on people because of race or mainstream religion (fringe beliefs and sexual orientation are still fair game, apparently)… but trying to humiliate half the population because of their gender seems just fine.”
– Seth Godin

It looks kind of like pimping for Robert Greenwald and a website called “Fox News Porn” which is selling a video of racy, sexy videos from segments shown on the Fox News channel.

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What I Learned From Seth Godin

I learned something from Seth Godin today.  I probably knew it already since I follow Wes Zimmerman and communicate with him on a regular basis. Wes’s message is all about “Perception” and how it relates to Buying, Selling and Customer Care.

To make people feel like they are valued and appreciated takes small simple changes but it usually does take change. Make an effort to cheer up one person today and see how much better you feel.
– Bill Austin

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