In Defense of Women

In Defense of Women

by H. L. Mencken


I The Feminine Mind
II The War between The Sexes
III Marriage
IV Woman Suffrage
V The New Age

I have removed the text – it is really too large to put all on one page and not that many people were coming here to Famous Quotes to read In Defense of Women. You can find it here: and lots of other Funny Jokes and amusing commentary can be found there as well.

3 Responses

  1. this sucks.,

  2. Yes, it does.

  3. I first read this book without knowing who the author was.

    After some pages of reading i found out that the person who wrote this book was no ordinary.

    I like this book by Mencken very much, and i have plans to copy it into my own language.

    For readers, scroll down to the maternal instinct about 1/5 down and start reading from there, the intro is not so important compared to the book.

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