Famous Quotes – Faith

Famous Quotes

Faith that the thing can be done is essential to any great achievement.

Thomas N. Carruther


The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are; first, hard work, second, stick-to-it-iveness, and third, common sense.   —  Thomas A. Edison (1847-1931)  American Inventor

“What is youth except a man or a woman before it is ready or fit to be seen?”  —  Evelyn Waugh

Famous Sayings

If there is one thing upon this earth that mankind love
and admire better than another, it is a brave man, — it is
the man who dares to look the devil in the face and tell
him he is a devil.  —  James A. Garfield

Famous Quote

“Whatever coaxes us out of hiding, to write, record, and express, is a revolutionary act. It says that we believe our lives count. Our lives do count.” (Sark, from “Succulent Wild Woman: Dancing with your Wonder-full Self!”)